Neurofeedback for Brain and behaviordisorder and cognitive dysfunction
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Biochemistry treatment for stress and anxiety
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Neurofeedback therapy for stress and anxiety
Neurofeedback treatment for stress and anxiety

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Neurofeedback for Stress and Anxiety - the non-drug alternative

Stress and Anxiety description

Stress refers to the failure to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats while anxiety is a negative mood state characterized by bodily symptoms of physical tension and apprehension about the future. Stress is a normal part of life. In small quantities, stress brings about positive effects, such as increased in motivation and productivity. However, when stressful life events are prolonged, it can trigger our biological and psychological vulnerabilities to anxiety. This can lead to breakdowns in the body, leading to diseases like hypertension and neuro-degenerative disorders.



Stress and Anxiety symptoms

Stress and anxiety is often accompanied by physical symptoms such as muscle tension and sweating. Other symptoms include:




Stress and Anxiety biochemistry

Poor diet has often been quoted to affect a person’s ability to cope with stress. It also affects our level of anxiety. Clients with chronic stress have shown to have slow metabolism due to the low thyroid and adrenal functions. Other biological factors affecting our stress coping ability include:



Stress and Anxiety intervention

Neurobiological influences can alter the sensitivity of the brain circuits thus making a stress individual less susceptible to developing anxiety and its disorders. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test is an inexpensive yet effective method in identifying mineral levels and toxicity in the body. Intervention through proper  supplementation and dietary habits could be designed to overcome the imbalances and toxicity.




Our cognitive perception of stress and anxiety is crucial. In the QEEG brain mapping,

the state of the brain is revealed. In the case of stress and anxiety, very often our

brain becomes very sensitive to the perceived stress triggers and over reacts,

Producing excessive amounts of a type of brain wave called high-Beta (22-35Hz).

Excessive high-beta brain waves have been found prominent in specific parts of the

Brain or in severe cases at all locations in the brain. This indicates extreme brain cell

activities and can lead to cortical exhaustion, causing irritability and depression. This

can also affect other aspects of brain function such as cognition and memory.




Neurofeedback is a non-drug intervention that can significantly reduce a person’s

reaction to stress triggers and reduce anxiety. It is an intervention that aims at

aiding individuals to cope with stress and anxiety through better mental regulation.

With neurofeedback, a person will be trained to stay calm through producing more of

a type of brain wave called Alpha (9-12Hz). Alpha is associated with being calm and

alert. At the same time one learns to reduce high-Beta brain wave at crucial locations

on the head. This will directly help to reduce stress and anxiety. Other benefits from

neurofeedback  include:



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