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A client undergoing a QEEG Brain Mapping
A QEEG Assessment
QEEG is safe and non-invasive
Neurofeedback is safe and non-invasive

It is very safe!


We only measure what the brain sends out. Nothing is discharged or sent into the brain.


It is non-invasive

What is QEEG?


QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) or Brain Mapping is a procedure that records neural activities of the brain from at least 19 locations on the scalp. Very similar to the Electrocadiogram or EKG which measures activities of the heart at the surface of the chest, QEEG measures activities of neurons or brain cells at the surface of the scalp simultaneously from at least 19 locations. It is important that the activities are measured simultaneously or at the same time, so that we can understand how the brain work as a whole. Studies showed that a minimum of 19 locations is required to map our brain function. More is better but any thing less than 19 locations will not provide sufficient resolution.

QEEG is Safe and non-invasive:

Like neurofeedback, QEEG is a safe and non-invasive assessment. Sensors are first placed on the surface of a person's scalp. Then, EEG activity is measured under different states and tasks that a person frequently encounters, such as eyes closed, eyes open, reading, writing, listening, doing arithmetic and etc. We only measure what the brain sends out, nothing is discharged into the brain.

A Brain Imaging Technique

The QEEG assessment can be considered as a brain imaging technique. It tells us what the brain is doing. Our brain is so well protected by the skull such that we cannot see or feel what the brain is doing. A QEEG assessment will provide an invaluable picture of the state of our brain and how we are utilizing it. From the QEEG, we can assess:



At Spectrum Learning, we routinely do a QEEG  assessment for our clients. With this information, we can then design a specific brain exercise program using neurofeedback. This leads to a more effective brain exercise. For example, those regions that are exhausted, we can train for recovery. For those areas that are weak, we can train to increase the neural activities. This tends to produce faster results.

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