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Urine Analysis

Urine Analysis

There are many types of urine analysis. The ones that we do are less common and usually not done in the routine medical checkups. We specifically test for the following:



Symptoms associated with high Organic Acids are:



Symptoms associated with high Oxalates are:




What are Peptides?

Peptides are small fragments of proteins; many peptides engage in cell-to-cell signalling and have neurological effects. Casomorphin is produced by digestion of casein, the major protein in all mammalian milk, including human milk. The opiate effect of milk may help soothe and quiet the nursing infant, whether a puppy or a child. Gluten in wheat produces another peptide of the same size called gliadorphin. Grains like rye and barley contain similar prolamine proteins like gluten, and are assumed to yield bioactive peptides.


Peptide problems are more severe among individuals who have difficulty breaking down opiate peptides, which requires an enzyme nicknamed DPPIV. This enzyme can be inhibited by both yeast byproducts and mercury exposure. These incompletely digested peptides are then absorbed into the body and bind to opiate receptors – the physiological effect can alter behavior and contribute to lack of focus and attention, sleepiness, or even aggression and self-abuse can result. It can also cause confusion, verbal stimming, movement disorders and other neurological conditions.


We have helped many children and adults tremendously by doing a urine analysis to assess their biochemistry. We believe that you or your child can benefit from it as well!

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